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Working with the government is an ongoing and cyclical process that requires understanding and working within the process. We provide detailed training to help you navigate the process more effectively so that you can Think Big, Scale Up.


Our Mission is to train small business owners to position their business for growth by understanding and making use of government procurement policies and procedures.

Our vision is to train small business owners to work with government procurement to grow and hire locally to support their local economy and other small businesses.

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Learn how to grow your business through Government Procurement opportunities.


Get the most valuable resources & bidding opportunites that will help your businesses grow.

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Learn the Local Small Business Government purchasing and procurement process and strategies to scale your business for long term growth.

25 Years of Experience

Mr. Jack Ochoa has been a Business and Community leader dedicated to supplier diversity and inclusion for more than 25 years. Mr. Ochoa has held various positions with top tier Corporate and Small Business Associations, Minority Business Groups and Education Outreach organizations across Southern California. Mr. Ochoa remains focused and dedicated on supplier diversity and inclusion by his active participation with procurement outreach to help drive the local Small Business sector and multicultural and minority community and economy.

Recognized as a Diversity and Inclusion leader, Jack has extensive experience and knowledge of numerous corporate/government procurement policies/procedures government contracting for Small Business owners and the community. Under Mr. Ochoa’s leadership, key advocacy, civic, political and community relationships, public policy and corporate initiatives have been pursued and approved.

Military Veterans

If you are a military veteran with a DVBE or are wanting to learn more about becoming a DBVE, please attend one of our veteran-only trainings.

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To schedule an appointment or find out more about the services we offer, please call, send us an email or use our contact form.
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