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The path to winning government contracts is full of obstacles. We’ll help shortcut the learning curve so you can
win more contracts in less time.


Our Mission is to train small business owners to position their business for growth by understanding and making use of government procurement policies and procedures.

Our vision is to train small business owners to work with government procurement to grow and hire locally to support their local economy and other small businesses.

Services Offered


Learn how to grow your business through Government Procurement opportunities.


Get the most valuable resources & bidding opportunites that will help your businesses grow.


Learn the REAL government procurement process and how to win “hidden” contracts.


Gain access to our network of buyers from government agencies in Los Angeles.

25 Years of Experience

Founded on 25 years of corporate and government sales management experience, Infinity Government Procurement Consulting is focused leveling the playing field for Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business to direct Local Government Procurement opportunities through policies that support local growth for Certified Small Business Enterprise (LSBE) and Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE).

Find out how these core values have helped other clients achieve lasting success for their businesses by attending our live training classes.

5 Core Values







Military Veterans

If you are a military veteran with a DVBE or are wanting to learn more about becoming a DBVE, please attend one of our veteran-only trainings.

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